Inada G Medical

Zero Gravity Positioning

Overview & Features

Inada's G Medical Chair, developed by industry specialists and Japan's finest universities, is the first massage chair to offer a seamless roller massage from head to toe.

Channeling the Japanese philosophy of preventative medicine, the G Medical uses its intelligent infrared sensors to locate and massage specific shiatsu points.

The massage capabilities of Inada's latest chair are complemented by its sleek exterior and a genuine zero gravity position.

  • Full Body Roller Massage
  • Accurate Shiatsu Massage
  • By activating the shiatsu points with calculated intensity, sequence and duration as determined by extensive research, the 4 healthcare programs provide effective full body massages.
  • Shiatsu Points
  • The only chair industry wide to offer 8 rollers, the G Medical's range of motion spans from the top of the neck to the soles of the feet.
  • Optical Sensor Shiatsu Scan
  • Sensors evaluate your body before beginning each massage, as the exact placement of shiatsu points will vary from person to person.
  • Zero Gravity Positioning
  • When in full recline, the precise set of angles that comprise the zero-G position relieves tension from the muscles and allows the spine to decompress.
  • From the "Tenchu" point in the neck to the "Yusen" point in the soles of the feet, the G Medical stimulates 77 different shiatsu points and numerous muscle groups along the body.
  • Intuitive Healthcare Programs


  • Power Standard 110V, 60 HZ, 90 Watts
  • Rated Time 30 minutes
  • Dimensions (Length/Width/Height):
    • Upright: 127 x 84 x 118 cm (50" x 33" x 46")
    • Reclined°: 160 x 84 x 70 cm (62" x 33" x 27")
  • Weight 81kg (178 lbs)
  • Reclining Angle
    • Degrees from Floor level: 110° to 152°
  • Continuous Motion (Automatic Reclining)
  • Colors Black, Ivory, Red
  • Safety Features Equipped with power surge safety shut off protection
  • ° 11" clearance required for full recline.