Inada Sogno

with Dreamwave™ technology

Overview & Features

Experience the worlds first massage chair to totally adapt to the shape of your body. Inada Sogno features many proprietary and unique functions that deliver a level of therapy and relaxation that other products cannot provide. Rounding out amazing massage capabilities of the Inada Sogno, you will also find the uncompromising design of world renowned furniture designer Toshiyuki Kita.

Design and Engineering winner at CES 2009 Design and Engineering winner at CES 2009

  • Over 1200 square inches of coverage: Cradles your entire body in soothing, quiet, shiatsu relief
  • Full body stretch: Extension and flexion and gentle rotational stretching of the shoulders, mid-back and hips
  • Full arm air shiatsu: 20 air cells massage each arm in rhythmic and soothing shiatsu massage INADA SOGNO DreamWave™ technology: an undulating figure-8 motion that balances the body and delivers complete relaxation
  • Full arm air shiatsu
  • Hip and thigh massage: deep and therapeutic pressure to relieve tightness of these large muscles
  • Calf, foot and sole massage
  • Neck and shoulder massage unit: Deeply massages the tops of the shoulder and back of the neck
  • INADA infrared scanning technology: measures your body and personalizes the shiatsu massage to you.
  • INADA infrared scanning technology


  • Weight: approx. 115 Kg/ 253lbs
  • Power consumption: 170W
  • Power Requirements: AC110V, Consumes 102W
  • Dimensions:
    Fully Reclined: 38”W x 83”L x 30”H
    Fully Upright: 38”W x 55”L x 48”H