Inada Sogno Fusion

Experience the worlds first massage chair.

Overview & Features

Tension and time negatively affect our posture. The Inada Songo Fusion draws from professional expertise to incorporate therapeutic stretching into its massage programs. Building on 5 years of research for the Inada Sogno Dreamwave, The Inada Sogno Fusion takes the stretching technology to a new level, making it the most advanced posture-correcting chair on the market.

  • Advanced Robotics + Therapeutic Design: Air cells embrace the upper arms and shoulders to enable a deeper massage from the rollers
  • "Four See-saw Rollers & Ultra Slow System" - allows for evenly distributed pressure over four points to prevent lumpy, uneven massage strokes.
  • Leg massage - 3 way air cells stimulate blood flow while shiatsu balls provide a deep tissue massage on the soles.
  • SognoFusion
  • Equipped with heaters to warm the extremities: Gentle, consistent heat warms the fingers and toes and helps relax the user during the course of the massage.
  • Original Function: "Lower back Air" relieves aches and pains across the entire lower back.
  • SognoFusion


  • Weight approx. 75kg
  • Power Consumption: 130W with heater on.
  • Power supply: 100V AC (50-60hz)
  • Dimensions:
    Fully Reclined: 33"W x 73"L x 29"
    Fully Upright: 33"W x 40"L x 42"