Virgin Water’s aim is to provide you with fresh, ice cold and piping hot water that has been filtered to its most pure, natural, pristine state.

The government regulatory commissions designed to protect consumers from drinking contaminated water have found that the idea of pure spring water is almost nonexistent in 2015.

Spring water is supposed to filter water through layers of ancient rock and sandstone providing a natural barrier from environmental pollutants. But today more than ever, Tap Water has proven to be safer than spring water because the springs which are just wells are also carrying many water borne contaminants. At least the Tap water has been filtered to some degree before they add the disinfectant chlorine.

Simply, Virgin Water’s bottle-less filtration coolers re-filter the Tap water by removing the chlorine and smaller contaminants that the municipalities could not remove with their systems. Virgin leaves you with a much purer. tastier and fresher product to drink.

Virgin Water’s technology is based on similar principles that govern the natural filtration process of mother nature. This technology guarantees that the water you drink is as pure as possible.