Services we offer

Virgin Water filtration systems provide a reliable drinking water solution for any office and home. Our process is specifically designed to identify a level of contamination in your water with a free water analysis. Once we identify the quality of your tap water and the number of contaminants it contains, we will recommend a water filtration system that best suits your treatment needs.

Free Installation

Installation is performed at NO CHARGE. Signing on Virgin Water will ensure you a smooth transition to your new point-of-use water system. Whether or not you are currently using a water system, Virgin Water provides professional technicians to take care of all the elements of installation, leaving you with a worry-free experience. Aesthetics and practicality are of utmost importance when detailing your specific installation requirements. All lines are tightly secured and well hidden to ensure a professional appearance within your work environment.

Filter Changes (up to 3 times per year)

Your water will be tested before and after each filter change, to ensure quality throughout and if at anytime our pretest of your current water shows any trace of THM’s we will come out to replace your filters more frequently at no additional charge (up to 3 times per year).


A thorough sanitization and cleansing of your point-of-use water cooler will be conducted on an annual basis. Although your point-of-use water system is a closed top unit (no outside dust/germs entering in), our technicians will:

  • Clean, flush, and sanitize your stainless steel reservoir
  • Clean and sanitize your faucets
  • Clean and sanitize your catch tray
  • Clean and sanitize the exterior of your cooler

Customer Service

We’re only a toll-free phone call away to answer your questions or address your concerns. 416-850-3014 Friendly professional trained service representative are ready to handle your needs, from coordinating corporate moves to simply ordering paper cups.

All Virgin Water customer service representatives and technicians are certified and qualified to meet your needs.